Consultancy Work

  • Business development
    • Terrell Architecture
      Solar Housing lifetime homes (Terrell Architecture)
  • Film Studio Planning
    Image 3 aerial view lighter
    Ealing Studios Planning Concept Study Model
  • Stadium Planning

    Manchester City FC (Arup Associates)

  • Student Housing


  • Apartment buildingsA47D47C2-5FDA-424A-83AF-9EE564E5D03A


  • Private Houses

    House on Zakynthos

Current projects

  • Farm House and Agricultural buildings – expansion plan
  • South London house extension

    Kitchen design using Aura Refinement

  • Study for live-work studios
  • Sculptor’s Live-Work Studios
  • Hendon: Multiple Use Building (With Terrell)


  • Guildford Station Alternative Development Plan
  • Proposals for turning local villages private land into communal open space and Live-Work housing  
  • Aura Planning
    • Guildford Town Centre and Villages Atmosphere design study
    • Proposed approach for consultation at an apartment complex’s planned maintenance
    • A School Academy atmosphere design study
    • New offices for a City of London wealth management company
    • Local Gym atmosphere design study
    • Various Country cottages and houses