Winchester Science Centre

This is in an ongoing collaboration with structural engineer, Dan Conroy, at Terrell Architecture – TA for short. The Science Centre’s 1-5 project is progressing with an application for funds in competition with other projects. TA is developing an original idea devised by the science centre’s CEO, Ben Ward and Acoustician, Peter Rogers (founder of Sustainable Acoustics) who introduced us all to the project. The video of the initial work (below) – computer design work is by Dan Conroy, sketches by JB.

Unlocking value with design led planning applications

Another product of the TA collaboration was the reworking of the design codes for the 1930’s housing development at Middleton -on- Sea to help a client realise his idea to subdivide and obtain planning for a modern house next to his own traditionally built home.


House – Middleton On Sea, 2016